About us

About us

Hi, we are Maurits and Sophie, we love Switzerland, and we love to tell you about Switzerland. By creating blog posts we want to inspire you, to maybe visit Switzerland soon. With the help of our friends and our own visits, we are able to create personal quality content. We want to make sure your next visit to Switzerland is going to be amazing!

Our goal

Our goal is to write blogs about breathtaking places, insider-spots and cultural experiences in Switzerland to inspire you to prepare yourself for your next visit to Switzerland!

We provide travel inspiration for travellers, photographers and Switzerland lovers on Instagram. But we want to give you more than just inspiration on Instagram, this is why we started this blog. On our pages, you can be inspired to visit Switzerland with places brought to you directly on your smartphone or desktop. 

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below our blog posts. Of course, you can always contact us by sending us a mail at: contactmyswitzerlandvisit@gmail.com.

Best wishes,

Maurits and Sophie