Getting around in Switzerland: The Swiss Travel Pass

Booked your trip to Switzerland; check, but now it is time to think about how to get around in Switzerland. Luckily it is probably hard to find a country with better transportation in Europe than Switzerland. The country has a high reputation for its highly efficient rail and bus systems.

Switzerland’s transit network is clean, orderly, and on time. Popular for the locals as well as for tourists. In this blog, we will inform you about the best way to get around Switzerland and inform you about the Swiss Travel Pass.

Travel by train in Switzerland

Getting around in Switzerland by train
Getting around in Switzerland by train

It is said, that Swiss trains run like clockwork. They pretty much do so. Switzerland is fully covered by a frequent, punctual, and efficient train network, which is easy to make use of. Most of the time, you can just go to the train station, buy a ticket and hop on the train.

What is the cheapest way to travel in Switzerland?

The cheapest way to travel in Switzerland is without a doubt by train. This way of transport is efficient, convenient and most importantly; cost-effective. Switzerland is fully covered by a punctual and convenient train network to ensure you get to your destination safely and on time.

The Swiss trains are extremely well-scheduled, they rarely run off schedule. Switzerland has an efficient logistic system, which has been figured out to a tee, in this way, you are sure of a fast and working way of travelling through Switzerland.

The trains make sure you get from one city to the next city, but there are many more ways of transportation within the cities, such as trams, taxis, bikes or even e-scooters or e-steps.

Are Swiss Trains expensive?

Yes, the Swiss rail fares are quite expensive, but you can travel by train way cheaper with the Swiss Travel Pass. In this way, you can discover Switzerland with just one single ticket. The Swiss Travel pass makes it possible to use transportation like buses, trains, and boats unlimited.

The Swiss Travel Pass

What is the Swiss Travel Pass?

The Swiss Pass makes it possible to discover Switzerland with just a single ticket. The Swiss Travel Pass gives you unlimited travel possibilities by train, boat or bus, and many more advantages.

Getting around in Switzerland: The Swiss Travel Pass
Zurich HB Main Station, Bahnhofplatz, Zürich, Switzerland

The advantages of the Swiss Travel Pass

The Swiss Travel Pass has many advantages such as:

  • Convenience and no stress at train stations when having to buy tickets isn’t necessary with your Swiss Travel Pass
  • Unlimited travel use on the premium panorama trains(note: there may be additional fees for seat reservation.
  • Unlimited use of public transport in over 90 towns and cities
  • 500 museums with free admission
  • Mountain excursions included such as Rigi, Stoos and Stanserhorn
  • Other mountain excursions are offered with up to a 50% discount
  • Unlimited travel use by train, boat or bus
  • Until 30% off on the SBB RailAway offers, which are available at all the ticket counters within Switzerland

When is a Swiss Travel pass recommended?

The Swiss Travel Pass is recommended for everyone, as it saves you plenty of money and time and it makes your trip way less stressful. With the Swiss Travel pass, you can just jump on any train without waiting to buy a ticket first, this makes travelling in Switzerland way easier.

How to use the Swiss Travel Pass?

Bernina Express
Travelling through the Swiss Alps by train

The Swiss Travel Pass is without a doubt the most convenient way of travelling in Switzerland. You don’t need to buy tickets and you can travel almost everywhere. Just hop on the train with your pass and enjoy the beautiful views.

Once you have purchased your Swiss Travel Pass it is ready to be used. You will receive a pdf file. This file has a code that the train staff will scan. Tip: Just use your phone, and adjust the brightness to the max. It is possible to add the Swiss Travel Pass to your wallet on your iPhone. This is useful, but the PDF File is great too.

Of course, if you prefer, you can use printed A4 paper, this is fine too.

What does a Swiss Travel Pass cost?

The price for the Swiss Travel Pass is written in the table, for 3 days, 4 days, 8 days, or 15 days. These are consecutive days of travel chosen in advance. With a difference in price between the 2nd class and 1st class.

The ProductThe price for the 2nd class in CHFThe price for 1st class in CHF
Swiss Travel Pass 3 days232.00369.00
Swiss Travel Pass 4 days281.00447.00
Swiss Travel Pass 8 days418.00663.00
Swiss Travel Pass 15 days513.00810.00
Prices for the Swiss Travel Pass are valid until the 31st of December 2021.

What is the advantage of the Swiss Travel Pass Flex?

Rush Hour in Bern, Switzerland
Rush Hour in Bern, Switzerland; moments a Swiss Travel Pass saves you time and stress

The advantage of the Swiss Travel Pass Flex is that you can freely select 3, 4, 8, or 15 days within one month, this gives you way more flexibility than the normal Swiss Travel Pass.

What are the costs for the Swiss Travel Pass Flex?

The ProductThe price for the 2nd class in CHFThe price for 1st class in CHF
Swiss Travel Pass Flex 3 days in 1 month267.00424.00
Swiss Travel Pass Flex 4 days in 1 month323.00514.00
Swiss Travel Pass Flex 8 days in 1 month467.00742.00
Swiss Travel Pass Flex 15 days in 1 month563.00890.00
Prices for the Swiss Travel Pass Flex are valid until the 31st of December 2021.

How to buy a Swiss Travel Pass?

The best place to buy the Swiss Travel Pass is here, if you click the link, you will be redirected to the website Klook, where you can purchase the Swiss Travel Pass. You will not only save money, buying online, but the big advantage is also that you purchase ahead of your travels, this means you can start using the Swiss Travel Pass directly when you are in Switzerland!

If you click the button, you will see a page with all the information and booking possibilities about the Swiss Travel Pass. (we may earn a small commission if you decide to purchase via our link, this helps us to inform you with our blog to make your holidays unforgettable:).

Do you need seat reservations on trains in Switzerland?

No, in almost all cases, like 99% there are enough seats in the trains and busses. You can hop on the train or bus with your Swiss Travel Pass. If you do want a seat reservation, which is possible, then you need to arrange a reservation separately, the seat reservation is not included in the Swiss Travel Pass.

If you want to know more things about Switzerland, we made a blog post about the things you need to know before visiting Switzerland, check the post out here.


Switzerland is a beautiful country. To get the most out of your vacation, we recommend buying a Swiss Travel Pass. This makes moving around in Switzerland way easier, more affordable, and less stressful.

In this way, you can relax on your well-deserved holidays and enjoy the peaceful nature of Switzerland and of course the vivid cities full of beautiful sights and history. We wish you a wonderful trip!🚝


Maurits love affair with Switzerland started on his first visit to Switzerland and still continues today. He visits Switzerland often and enjoys writing about his discoveries and sharing his tips with fellow travellers.

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