How to get to the famous Stäubifall and what to expect?

The breathtaking Stäubifall is located in the region of Uri, near the village of Unterschächen. This waterfall is among the biggest waterfalls you can find in Switzerland. The waterfall is almost 180 metres high.

The green wooden huts and the greenery make this a picturesque place. In our opinion a must-visit. This post will inform you about how to get to the impressive Stäubifall and what to expect during a visit to this waterfall.

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The idyllic Stäubifall is in the back of this fairytale landscape.

How can you get to the Stäubifall near Unterschächen?

There are several ways of reaching the Stäubifall, we will explain them here. If you travel by car and come from the main highways (A2 & A3) first go to the village called: Altdorf. Here you can follow the signs to the Klausenpass, you can drive towards Unterschächen here you can find several parking spots where you can park your car.

From here you will have to hike. In our opinion, this is quite an easy hike, more like a nice long walk. But it’s good to note, that the “walk” is around 6-7 kilometres long. It will take around 2-3 hours to reach the waterfall, during the hike you will ascent around 250 metres.

You can find the route on this website. It can be downloaded as well on the website linked here.

During the hike, you will have to follow the signs with Stäubifall on it. You will hike through some fields and after a while, you reach a dirt road which will lead you to the Stäubifall.

When to visit the Stäubifall?

The Stäubifall is mainly fed by a glacier called the Hüfi, which is a 7-kilometre-long glacier. As the glacier starts to melt early in the season the waterfall is very powerful, this is the most impressive time to view the waterfall.

This waterfall is one you need to take a photo of or a video of. It’s good to know that the waterfall isn’t exposed to the sun during the whole day. The waterfall is in the shadow almost the whole day, but if you go in the morning or the afternoon you have a high chance of photographing the waterfall when it’s in the sun. Of course, you will need to visit the waterfall on a sunny day:)

Even on moody days, the waterfall won’t let you down.

Which season to visit the Stäubifall?

Many people forget that the waterfall isn’t always as powerful, this depends on the time when you visit the waterfall. It is the most impressive when the volume of melting water is high.

This means late autumn or early spring isn’t the best moment to visit this waterfall. The volumes of water are considerably lower in comparison to early summer for example.

We recommend visiting the waterfall in early summer – mid-summer, as you will probably see the most impressive side of the Stäubifall. These months of course can be a bit more crowded as many European countries have school holidays during July and August.

We made a blog post about what the best time is to visit Switzerland, check it out here!

Earlier in this post, we talked about how the waterfall is in the shadow for most of the day, this isn’t a problem, let us explain why this isn’t a problem. First of all the light is great. Second of all when the waterfall is in the shadow, it is still very impressive.

On moody or rainy days it gets even more spectacular in our opinion. On rainy days this place gets an extra touch of beauty to it.

What to take with you when visiting the Stäubifall?

Now you know how to reach the Stäubifall it is important to think about what to take with you during a hike to the Stäubifall. Although your equipment might slightly differ depending on the season you visit the waterfall, we will inform you about the essentials you need.

A proper backpack is advised as well, to carry your essentials with you and to travel comfortably. This backpack even has a water capacity of 2 litres built-in, super handy.

We highly recommend taking an insulated water bottle with you, to be sure to keep your water or other fluids cold or warm. we love this water bottle.

The weather in Switzerland can change rapidly, that’s why we advise you to take rain clothing with you, to be sure to stay dry and comfortable during your hike to the Stäubifall. We love Colombia’s rain jackets, they even look fashionable.

We personally always pack a windproof umbrella with us. As rain can come rapidly and disappear rapidly as well, it’s nice to stay dry thanks to your umbrella. Check out this windproof umbrella, it’s great!


This waterfall is a little gem. The waterfall is located in the canton of Uri, near the village of Unterschächen. You can reach the waterfall by hiking from the village of Unterschächen. The hike is fairly easy. The reward is worth it. In this blog we also made recommendations about what to pack for your trip to the Stäubifall, check them out right above the conclusion. We hope this blog helped you to prepare for a visit to the famous Stäubifall. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them below!

Ciao for now! 🙂


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