How to get to Oeschinensee and what to do?

Lake Oeschinensee, offers numerous hiking trails, fabulous views, beautiful blue-coloured water and more! In this blog, we will tell you about everything you need to know when visiting Lake Oeschinensee, from how to get to Lake Oeschinesee, what to do and more!

After reading this blog you are fully prepared and informed to visit Oeschinensee and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

lake oeschinensee
A beautiful view of Lake Oeschinensee

This lake should be on your bucket list! Although it may take quite some effort to reach Lake Oeschinsee, it is worth it, you will be blown away by the breathtaking view of this lake filled with turquoise water. Let’s inform you about everything you need to know!

How to reach Lake Oeschinensee?

How to get to Lake Oeschinsee? There are three ways to reach Lake Oeschinensee. First of all, you need to travel to Kandersteg, this is the starting point. Kandersteg is easily reachable from Interlaken, it only takes around 43,3 kilometres, and about 42 minutes to get to Kandersteg.

When you arrive in Kandersteg, you can walk to the cable car station. You can easily park your car in the big parking place in Kandersteg, the cost of parking a whole day is 5 CHF.

Travel by car from Interlaken to Kandersteg
Travel by car from Interlaken to Kandersteg use this link to view the route in Google Maps.

You could also arrive in Kandersteg by train. If you arrive at Kandersteg station, it takes around 14 minutes to reach the cable car station. Here you can find the walking route. The cable car takes you up in around 10 minutes.

What are the opening hours of the Cable Car station in Kandersteg?

The opening hours are:

8 May – 11 June 202108.30 – 17.00
12 June – 26 Sept 202108.30 – 17.30
27 Sept – 24 Oct 202108.30 – 17.00
The last ascent4.50 pm

What are the costs of the cable car in Kandersteg?

Single or detour rides gondola liftAdultAdult with 1/2-tax / GA / Swiss Travel PassChild

Single Ride
22 CHF11 CHF11 CHF
Retour (up and down)30 CHF15 CHF15 CHF

Where to park at Lake Oeschinensee? There is a big parking place in Kandersteg. From this parking place, you can walk to the gondola station. To hop on the cable car to the mountain station. This parking place is 5 CHF for a whole day of parking. The location of the parking place is 3718 Kandersteg, Switzerland.

Things to do at Lake Oeschinensee?

The lake itself has a maximum depth of 56 meters. The water is quite cold, and during winter the lake is frozen then people go here for ice fishing as well. But, whatever season you are visiting Lake Oeschinsee, it always has something magical to offer.

The scenery of the lake and the activities she offers vary depending on the season you visit the lake.

The Tobogganing – Rodelbahn at lake Oeschinensee

Ready for an adventure, hop on the Rodelbahn for some fun! Perfect during the summer season. So you can find the Rodelbahn at the mountain station, here you can buy a ticket. The Rodelbahn is around 750 meters long. Opened every day during the Summer season.

There are possibilities to ride with someone else, or you could go down alone. The costs for a ride on the Rodelbahn are:

Costs Toboggan runAdultChild
until 11.30 in the morning
Single trip43
5 trips1813
from 11.31 in the morning
Single trip65
5 trips2722
The ticket prices for a ride on the Toboggan run in CHF.

Hiking to Lake Oeschinensee

So if you reach the mountain station by going up with the cable car, it will only take about 25-30 minutes to reach Lake Oeschinensee. If you do not want to walk or are not able to walk then there is an alternative for you!

During the summer period, there is an electric bus, at the mountain station, driving to Lake Oeschinensee.

Hiking along lake Oeschinensee
Hiking along Lake Oeschinensee

Alternatives to reach Lake Oeschinensee?

There is an alternative to reach Lake Oeschinensee, in case you can not walk to the lake, there is an electric bus, so good for the climate as well! The bus drives every 30 minutes from the mountain station to the lake. The costs for a ticket are 8 CHF for adults and for children 5 CHF.

The electric bus ride takes around 10 minutes, during these 10 minutes you can enjoy the magnificent and breathtaking views of the mountain peaks surrounding you. The bus drives every day from 11:30 in the morning until 5:00 p.m.

Are hiking paths and gondolas suitable for wheelchairs and prams?

Are the hiking paths from the mountain station to Lake Oeschinensee, good for wheelchairs and strollers? Yes! They are both suitable for wheelchairs and strollers.

This won’t be difficult for you. Not only the path is suitable, but the gondola as well. As the gondola is at ground level. In this way, you can board the gondola without any problems.

Important notice, during winter it is easier for people with a wheelchair or another assistive device, to get to the lake with the help of a sledge. Otherwise, access to the Bergstubli at the mountain station is guaranteed.

Hiking from Oeschinensee to Blausee?

Can you hike from Blausee to Oeschinsee? Yes, you can hike from Lake Oeschinensee to Lake Blausee, this will take around 2 hours. The length of the hike is around 10-11 kilometres. The hike is relatively difficult. This is a perfect way to both visit lake Oeschinensee and Lake Blausee in one day.

Hike from Oeschinensee to Blausee
Hike from lake Oeschinensee to lake Blausee

Of course, you can also decide, to go up by the gondola cable car to Lake Oeschinensee, a 30-minute hike from the mountain station to Lake Oeschinensee. Go back with the cable car. Once you have reached Kandersteg again, hop on the bus to the Blausee entrance, and explore Blausee.

This will save some effort, as you do not need to hike as much. Good solution, for families with younger children, or elderly. Via this link, you can view all possible times to travel by bus from Kandersteg to Blausee.

Before you go…one tip!

Always check your weather app, as the lake Oeschinensee is 1578 meters above sea level, so temperatures can be lower and clouds can appear sooner, which may affect the distance you can look.

Swimming and renting a row boat at lake Oeschinensee

Rowing boats at lake Oeschinensee
Rowing boats at Lake Oeschinensee

Can you swim in Lake Oeschinensee? Yes, it is possible to swim in the lake, during summer. As it is a mountain lake, it will be refreshing even during the warmer sunny summer days.

The water temperature is around 18-21 degrees Celsius. Besides swimming in the lake it is possible to rent a rowboat, starting from 26 CHF an hour.

Fishing at Lake Oeschinensee

Can you fish at Lake Oeschinensee? Yes, you can fish at Lake Oeschinensee, but an important note, a fishing permit is mandatory. There are two types of permits available, daily and weekly permits, they can be obtained at the restaurant located at Lake Oeschinensee.

Fishing items such as maggots, worms and hooks or even an ice drill are not sold or rented at the lake. You should bring these yourself. But I’m sure, fishing here is a unique and remarkable experience.

The costs for a fishing permit at Lake Oeschinensee are:

  • Adults: CHF 32.00
  • Children up to 16 years: CHF 20.00
  • Youth 17 to 25 years: 26.00
  • Two fishing rods are allowed per person.
Lake Oeschinensee

Fishing boat rental at Lake Oeschinensee

You can rent a fishing boat, to go to Lake Oeschinensee, the prices are:

Full day: CHF 75.00 (during daylight)
Half-day: CHF 40.00 (until 12 o’clock or from 15 o’clock)
The boats have fish boxes and anchors.

Dinner or lunch at lake Oeschinensee

Of course, after a hike, or some strolling around Lake Oeschinensee, you get hungry. Time to have an apfelstrudel or a cup of hot chocolate, or on warmer sunny days a coke.

The restaurant is open during the whole year. We recommend walking from the mountain station to the Berghotel, this is a welcoming, charming family-friendly hotel that overlooks Lake Oeschinensee.

The views from the terrace are breathtaking. The hotel offers fresh bread, delicious coffee and homemade cakes. And let’s not forget, you must try this, apfelstrudel, so delicious with some hot vanilla sauce or ein kugel vanilla ice.


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