What is Switzerland like during the Spring season?

Temperatures start to rise, flowers are slowly appearing and the greenery is back, spring is here! In this blog, we will inform you about everything you need to know about the lovely spring season in Switzerland. Let’s start with what the weather is like during Spring in Switzerland.

Kummersweidweg 10 in Grindelwald
Spring arrived in Grindelwald, a village near Lauterbrunnen!

What is the weather like in Switzerland during Spring?

After the winter season, finally, temperatures start to rise again. During Spring the temperature varies between 8 to 15 degrees Celsius. (this is around 46-59 degrees Fahrenheit). Good to know, March is the coldest month, during May, it almost feels like summer.

Especially in the lower elevated cities like Bern or Geneva, the temperature is way higher than in the alpine villages such as St. Moritz. So, keep this in mind when travelling to Switzerland during the Spring season.

What to wear during the spring season in Switzerland?

When visiting Switzerland during the Spring season, it can be quite tricky to pack your bags. We have made a blog about what to take with us during the spring season.

In short, make sure you pack warm and comfortable sweaters, proper hiking shoes(preferably waterproof), sunnies, sunscreen, and a tiny umbrella in your hiking bag. A light jacket(during May) and no layers are key during the spring season. It can get hotter during the day, but in the evenings the temperatures tend to decrease.

Also, always check the weather forecast, just before leaving and well in advance. To be sure you pack correctly according to the expected weather. We love to use meteoswiss to prepare for holidays or a day trip.

Interested to read more about what to wear during the spring season? Check out our blog here!

Which months are spring in Switzerland?

The spring season is from the 20th of March 2024 till the 20th of June 2024. So the months of the spring season in Switzerland are from mid-March till mid-June.

How is Switzerland in March?

There are some slight changes in the weather during March. However, this month is still a bit winterish. The temperatures are still quite low. March is for this reason often named the shoulder month. This means this month offers both the benefits of the winter and spring seasons.

In higher altitude villages such as St. Moritz, it is often chilly, but if you move down to Lugano or Geneva, the temperatures can be significantly higher.

Geneva Switzerland
Beautiful Geneva

During March there are still possibilities that you will encounter snow. So when preparing for your visit to Switzerland in March, we recommend checking the weather just before leaving. Ensure you pack your bags according to the weather forecast!

So in short, we always take with us: a comfy and warm coat, woollen socks, and layers are the key to comfortable travelling and proper hiking boots are a must.

How is Switzerland in April?

While March is still a bit colder, April starts to become warmer. Temperatures slightly rise but still, there are certainly colder days during April. This is the month, that skiing is too warm and wandering and hiking is chilly.

In April snow disappeared, and the beautiful lush greenery made its appearance again. Spring flowers create beautiful scenery. If you can, visit Switzerland in April. It is way less crowded, travelling during this month is better for your budget as well. Also, we experienced that the waiting times for lifts, attractions and otherwise popular sights are shorter, which is of course great.

With temperatures of around 15 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit), you can visit places like Montreux, Lugano or Geneva and enjoy Spring. Good to know, villages like St. Moritz or Zermatt still are in the lower temperatures of around 5 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit).

St Moritz
This is the Alpine Village St. Moritz

During April, lots of cable car services are out of order, because of scheduled maintenance after the ski season. Don’t be disappointed, there are so many beautiful cities, sights and attractions to discover during the Spring season, besides going up in the mountains by cable car.

If you visit Switzerland in April, we always take with us: a coat, when it is colder, proper hiking boots(if possible waterproof), layers to keep you warm, do not forget sunscreen and sunglasses. Read more about what to take with you here.

The meadows, and lovely flowers in the valleys, are perfect places to take a hike, enjoy the scenery and maybe take some photographs. Also, we love to hop on the Glacier Express during the spring season, with the lovely greenery it’s a delightful experience. Also exploring the lakes that Switzerland offers, is an awesome activity during your stay in Switzerland during the Spring season.

How is Switzerland in May?

Yes, finally temperatures are nice and warm. Some days we already experience a glimpse of summer during May! It is still not very crowded during this month, a bit at the start of the month, but later not that crowded, which is great.

The cable cars that were in scheduled maintenance during April are almost opening again. Passes to tour, hiking trails up in the mountains are back open again. The show melted. We love to drive on the passes and stop now and then to take a moment to indulge in the beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Aare Gorge
Aare Gorge

Spring is fully there during May. In cities like Bern, Lucerne, or Zurich the temperatures are higher and at night it nicely cools down to around 0 degrees Celsius. So, still during the evenings, we need our coats and jackets.

Don’t worry about snow during May, most of the month there is no chance for snow to appear, as we are in the last month of Spring and summer almost starts! The hiking trails are fabulous during the month, with lush greenery and beautiful flowers, we recommend going on the cable cars and following a hike and enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.

Maybe, if hiking is not your thing, try and book a railway tour. The Bernina Express is not often talked about like the Glacier Express, but men wow it’s simply a stunning adventure. We loved every second of the train journey. The constant beauty we saw through the windows kept us silent during the journey.

Bernina Express
The Bernina Express

You can also pack your bags a bit lighter during May. We always take a light jacket with us, and hiking shoes, still waterproof as the weather can change rapidly. Also, there is more sun so do not forget sunscreen and sunglasses. Long sleeves and T-shirts on warmer days are great.

So compared to the other months, May is more certain and you can expect to experience warmer temperatures, more sun and less precipitation.

Is Switzerland worth visiting during Spring?

It’s definitely worth visiting Switzerland during the spring season. The winter season is over, and slowly temperatures start to rise. Especially late April and May are comfortable months to visit Switzerland.

Spring in Switzerland

As temperatures are slightly rising, you can sense the incoming Summer season, these are comfortable months to visit Switzerland, and our personal favourite. Also, it tends to be less crowded during the spring season.


Spring in Switzerland is a lovely time of the year. The lush greenery, beautiful blossoms and flowers make this time of the year special. The spring season is during the months of mid-April to mid-May.

Finally, temperatures start to rise again after the winter season. Especially the month of May feels a bit like summer, as it is way warmer and there is less rain. Spring season also tends to be a less crowded tourism season, which is a great advantage.


Maurits love affair with Switzerland started on his first visit to Switzerland and still continues today. He visits Switzerland often and enjoys writing about his discoveries and sharing his tips with fellow travellers.

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