Is Glacier 3000 worth visiting?

The Glacier 3000 summer and ski area is located just half an hour from Gstaad. This fantastic place offers you magnificent views and much more. In this blog, we will answer the question: “is Glacier 3000 worth visiting?”

Not many destinations offer all-year-round snow. Glacier 3000 does! Besides breathtaking alpine views, this place has a lot more to offer. In 10-20 minutes the cable car takes you to around 3000 metres altitude. This is one straight cable car, with no switching. The way up is already a great experience. The cable car takes you from the valley station called: Col-du-Pillon to the top station called: Scex Rouge.

les Diablerets

Let’s dive into everything Glacier 3000 offers

Arriving at the summit station: Scex Rouge, the adventure starts. Here you’re welcomed if you’re visiting on a clear day, with a beautiful view. This panoramic view is breathtaking. Heading towards the panoramic bridge. The “peak walk”. We have to say, you shouldn’t be afraid of heights. But this is an experience you won’t forget. The views are definitely worth it:)

It’s great to mention, the ski slopes are endless from the top. Check out the full map via this link. You can easily zoom in, mega useful.

If you’re on the panoramic bridge, you can view the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and around 24 other mountains, over 4000 metres high. A condition is that the weather is clear.

As we mentioned, this is an activity all year round.

  • excellent lunch or dinner spots. With many great bars and restaurants.
  • We loved visiting the Botta restaurant. After lunch, we took a short walk to the panorama point. We always love to make a short walk after lunch. This was definitely worth it.
  • As this is a glacier, you can hop on the Ice Express chairlift. This lift will take you down to the glacier, where you can perform several activities.
  • There are also possibilities for dog sledge rides, these can be booked. This is so much fun.

Winter and summer activities at Glacier 3000

We will divide winter and summer activities, to give you an idea of the possibilities in the season you visit Glacier 3000 in.


  • Cross-country skiing is widely possible
  • You can rent ski or snowboards
  • Sledging is awesome too, this can be done in the fun park
  • Besides skiing or snowboarding, you can also perform a winter hike. Glacier walks for example are recommended. This hike ends at the restaurant Refuge l’Espace. This is located on the edge of the glacier. As you can imagine, the views here are spectacular.
  • The snowpark is so much fun for freestyle skiing and snowboarding. This park is open from October to May. Be aware, due to climate change and other factors, these opening times may vary. Check the website of Glacier 3000 in advance.


During summer, there are several activities as well.

  • hop on the snow bus, for a ride over the glacier. You have to book in advance.
  • There are many many hiking trails available.
  • Roll down with the alpine coasters, awesome activity as well.

We already mentioned it a few times, the weather is unpredictable in Switzerland. Unfortunately, the weather does determine the extent to which you can enjoy this place. If it is foggy and cold, the views are not so great. As you cant see all the mountains. Of course, this does not matter as much, if you visit for the sole purpose of performing ski activities. But if you visit for the purpose of performing hiking or just enjoying the views, then good weather is a prerequisite.

This being said, we advise checking the weather well in advance and on the day that you plan to visit Glacier 3000.

Glacier 3000
The peak walk, at Glacier 3000. View maps here.


All in all, this is such a fun and memorable activity/excursion. It is, even more, recommend for those people staying closer to Glacier 3000. So for example if you’re staying in or close to Gstaad. There are buses that can take you to the base station. We can definitely conclude that Glacier 3000 is worth visiting.

As you can tell, Glacier 3000 offers a fun and memorable excursion to the Swiss Alps. It is easy to reach for anyone, especially those staying in nearby places such as Gstaad or Montreux. Regular bus services ensure that you will smoothly get to the top and back to your home base. We hope this helped you to make a decision if you have any doubts or questions. Let us know in the comments below!


Maurits love affair with Switzerland started on his first visit to Switzerland and still continues today. He visits Switzerland often and enjoys writing about his discoveries and sharing his tips with fellow travellers.

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