The top things to do in Luzern

Luzern is often called the Heart of the Country, because of its location. Luzern is a beautiful city, which is among the world’s prettiest cities, full of fabulous sights and rich history.

Famous for the Chapel Bridge, the Musegg Wall, the Water Tower, the Spreuer Bridge, the convention centre, and many more. Let’s not forget the beautiful lake which surrounds the charming city. Let’s discover the top things to do in Luzern!


The top things to do when visiting Lucerne

1. Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is rated at place four of the top 5 largest lakes in Switzerland. Well-known as the lake of Four cantons. Lake Lucerne is enclosed by the cantons, Schwyz, Unterwalden, Uri, and the canton of Lucerne. Besides the beautiful city of Lucerne, the shores rise to the peaks of wonderful local mountains, named: Pilatus and Rigi. Let’s discuss the top things to do at Lake Lucerne.

Things to do at Lake Lucerne

One of the reasons why tourists visit Lucerne is because of the stunning lake. There are many cruises on the Lake. You can easily book a wonderful steamer cruise or a boat trip on the lake.

There are five paddle steamers and twelve motor vessels on the lake, let’s not forget the fantastic panoramic yacht and the brand-new Diamant motor vessel. They take you around the lake during the whole year and in almost all weather.

These services offer great connections with the cableways and the railways. To discover Lake Lucerne, we have made a top three recommended lake cruises, which will be a fantastic way to explore the lake.

the dream city Lucerne with Lake Lucerne
The dream city Lucerne with Lake Lucerne

The best restaurants at Lake Lucerne with lake view

After a day of exploring Luzern, the parks, the Old and Town, perhaps a museum. It is a fantastic way to relax at a restaurant directly located at Lake Luzern, with a stunning view over the lake. Enjoy a romantic sunset directly at the lake or simply enjoy the spectacular view over the Lake and the delicious food.

Good coffee with a fresh croissant is a perfect way to start your day of exploring Lucerne as well of course. This is a top 5 with the best restaurants in Luzern with lake views:

  • Seebistro LUZ, location: Landungsbrücke 1, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland
  • Olivo, location: Haldenstrasse 6, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland
  • Mill’Feuille, location: Mühlenpl. 6, 6004 Luzern, Switzerland
  • Restaurant Schiff, location: Unter der Egg 8, 6004 Luzern, Switzerland
  • Nix’s, location: Reusssteg 9, 6003 Luzern, Switzerland

2. Mount Pilatus

How do you get up Mount Pilatus?

There are 4 possible ways to get up Mount Pilatus. You can go up by cableway, cogwheel railway, hiking, and a combination of the cogwheel train, cableway, and boat.

What to do on the Mount Pilatus?

Mount Pilatus is located just outside the city of Lucerne. The summit of Pilatus is 2119 meters and can be reached via two different routes. to experience Mount Pilatus we have made a selection of three wonderful trips to discover and experience Mount Pilatus.

Mount PIlatus
The Pilatus Railway, a mountain railway in Switzerland

The first activity mentioned down below is the Mount Pilatus Summer day trip from Luzern. A short overview of this activity: you can go with the Gonadala ride from Kriens to Fräkmüntegg terminus plus an ascent by aerial cableway to the summit of Mount Pilatus. At the summit, you can take amazing pictures and enjoy the spectacular view.

After some time spent on the top, you can go down with the steepest cogwheel train in Europe, to Alpnachstad. Here you can board the boat and enjoy a 1-hour cruise on Lake Luzern, let’s not forget the guide who gives you interesting information during the trip.

Mount Pilatus
The sun rises over the Swiss Alps, as seen from the top of Mount Pilatus.

3. The old town of Luzern

Although Switzerland is known for its beautiful cities, Luzern has something extra. It has an exceptional touch. This city in Switzerland, situated where the Reuss River meets Lake Lucerne, is well-known for its notably preserved Old Town.

When visiting Luzern, take a look at the beautiful Old Town Boulevard of Luzern. It is situated between the city hall and the Chapel Bridge, along the river the Reuss. There are numerous delicious restaurants, which offer a splendid view over the river. Tourists from all over the world stroll along the river and enjoy the see and be seen.

The town square in Lucerne, Switzerland
The town square in Luzern, Switzerland

Please allow yourself as much time as possible to experience and enjoy the rich history of Luzern. There is a sequence of squares hemmed by charming painted houses with cobblestone streets. good to know, all the streets in the old town are car-free.

The Weinmarkt is a great point to look at the medieval guildhalls, they have wonderful decorative painted facades.

Where to park your car in Luzern Old Town?

The best parking place if you want to visit the Old Town and enjoy a leisurely walk around the Old Town of Luzern. The City Parking, located: Zürichstrasse 35, Luzern, Switzerland. Offers a great parking place. It is located close to the Old Town.

On walking distance, only 3 minutes. Within 5 minutes you are at the lake. There are a total of 455 parking spaces. Including parking spaces for the disabled and parking spaces specially reserved for women. The height clearance is 2 meters.

4. The Chapel Bridge

The History of the Chapel Bridge

The Chapel Bridge is a world-famous timber bridge located in Luzern. For tourists a must-see sight when visiting Switzerland. Together with the water tower, these two form a landmark of Luzern.

But…in the 20th century, a disaster happened. On the night of 18 August 1993, the Chapel Bridge caught fire. Only the two bridgeheads and the Water Tower could be saved. In less than 8 months the bridge was rebuilt. reopened on the 14th of April 1994.

The Chapel Bridge is 650 years old and has always served as a means of crossing the river, by foot, as well as the town’s fortifications.

Chapel Brdige, Lucerne
The beautiful Chapel Bridge during Summer Time

The paintings on the Chapel Bridge

The paintings on the Chapel Bridge are very unique. Here you can admire paintings with scenes from the history of the Swiss Confederation, as well as the lives of the patron saints of Luzern, named: St Leger and St Maurice.

The competition of the biblical cycle of the paintings on the Court Bridge was around 1580. After these paintings were a huge success, the chronicles Renward Cysat of Luzern decided to draw up concepts for a program of paintings on the Chapel Bridge. Submitted in 1599, to the councils. And yes, they decided that paintings should be on the Chapel Bridge as well.

Until today all visitors to the Chapel Bridge admire these beautiful paintings. Remarkable is, this cycle of paintings only contains world pictures, no religious ones. The start of creation of the paintings was in 1611. Unfortunately, in 1993 the fire destroyed about 110 of the 158 panels, these suffered severe damage.

Chapel Brdige, Lucerne
Chapel Bridge, Luzern by night, so romantic

Where is the Chapel Bridge located + Coffee?

The Chapel Bridge is also called: Kapellbrücke. It is a wooden footbridge, spanning over the river Reuss diagonally. The Chapel Bridge is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe, and also the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge.

This bridge is one of the main tourist sights of Switzerland. You won’t miss this sight, it is world-famous and easily found. Enjoy a nice coffee at the Starbucks with a view of the beautiful Chapel Bridge. The location of Starbucks is Rathausquai 9, 6004 Luzern, Switzerland.

5. Guided tours in Lucerne

A guided tour gives you a sense of comfort since the tour guide understands the culture, and has a lot of knowledge about the city, as well as some nice hidden spots, or local recommendations for a delightful dinner or a coffee with a house-made cake.

Discover Luzern Highlights and back streets on a small-group walking tour, exploring with a local to learn about the city’s history and hear stories from daily life as you see the centre.

6. Mount Titlis

The Titlis is impressive, yes it is. The mounting is located in Central Switzerland close to Lucerne. You can reach the summit by cable car. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the eternal snow and the views at around 3032 meters high.


In conclusion, there are many beautiful sights in Luzern. We have talked about the Chapel Bridge, the famous wood-covered bridge in Lucerne, with its beautiful paintings. A must-visit as well as the Old Town of Luzern, enjoy a cup of coffee with a cake while enjoying the fabulous atmosphere.

Explore Mount Titlis, this is a unique experience. Mount Pilatus is worth visiting, with its splendid views and a unique way to get to the summit, by cable car or cogwheel train. Have a great time exploring Luzern!


Maurits love affair with Switzerland started on his first visit to Switzerland and still continues today. He visits Switzerland often and enjoys writing about his discoveries and sharing his tips with fellow travellers.

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