Visit the famous Berggasthaus Aescher

Today it is time to talk about the famous restaurant which is built into a cliff. This is possibly one of the most unique mountain guest houses in Switzerland. Located in the hilly Alpstein region, this is definitely a spectacular destination. In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know, from how to get to Berggasthaus Aescher to what to expect and more. Let’s start!

The beautiful guest house and restaurant has been built 170 years ago. It was built in 1860, originally it was created for farmers. Nowadays, the restaurant is still open and there is a possibility to sleep in the guesthouse. We will tell you more about the possibility to stay in the guesthouse later on.

Berggasthaus Äscher
The beautiful Berggasthaus Aescher

How to get to the Berggasthaus Aescher?

There is one way to reach the Berggashaus Aescher, which is hiking. The hike starts at Wasserauen railway station. Here you follow a steep path to lake Seealpssee. This part of the hike is definitely the moment to enjoy the breathtaking landscape. As you will hike along the lake.

Now it is time for the ascent from Lake Seealpsee to the Berggasthaus Äscher. This ascend is steep. After you’ve reached the famous mountain restaurant Aescher a rocky path will lead you up to the Ebenalp, where you will be surprised by fabulous views. The cable car will take you down into the valley to Wasserauen where you started the hike, this will only take a few minutes.

In total, this hike will take you around 3-4 hours. We have to give a side note, this really depends on your pace, how often you stop and so on. We encourage you to enjoy this hike as much as possible so do not rush but admire the beauty.

In short you will hike like this: Wasserauen –> Seealpsee –> Aescher –> Ebenalp

The short way to get to Berggasthaus Aescher

The way to reach the mountain restaurant written above is quite intense and a long hike. If you prefer the shorter version to get to Aescher, read the following section. We recommend taking the cable car ride to Ebenalp. This means you can park your car at the large car park in Wasserauen and take the Ebenalpbahn gondola to the mountain station.

After that, you will have to hike an easy path which will take you in around 20 minutes to Berggasthaus Aescher. There are signs with Aescher Wildkirchli, you actually can’t get lost. Via this link, you can see up to date opening times, which cable cars do run today and more information.

Can you sleep in the Berggasthaus Aescher?

We are happy to tell you, yes after a long time it is again possible to sleep in the guesthouse. You can spend a night at Aescher, this is such a special opportunity. You can spend the night alone or with friends/family. A night embracing the simplicity as the people lived back in the days. But…you will have a delicious fresh breakfast in the morning on the terrace with a splendid breathtaking panorama.

The prices for a double room are 125 CHF, if you’d like to sleep in a four-bedroom, the price is 90 CHF. These prices include the breakfast, excl. visitor tax. For more information please read the website of the Berggasthaus Aescher, for up to date information about opening times also about possibilities to stay in the guesthouse.

Reservations can easily be made by sending an email to Berggasthaus Aescher. You can find this type of information on their website. You can email them, and ask them if you can get a private room or a larger room with more guests. Good to know, as the Gasthaus does not have a direct water supply, there are no showers. Don’t worry, there are toilets. The guest house has recently been renovated and is clean. This is definitely a unique experience.

Berggasthaus Äscher
The idyllic Berggasthaus Äscher

Is there a restaurant in Berggasthaus Aescher?

Yes, there is. Nowadays you can enjoy the cuisine, which is local and honest. They serve dishes which go back to the roots. We are a big fan of this idea. Local specialities and traditions create honest and fresh inventive creations. The idyllic restaurant has close connections with local producers to obtain the cultural heritage of the region.

Some useful tips

  • keep in mind that there are no showers, only toilets due to the high altitude.
  • Aescher is located at 1454 metres above sea level. Although in the valley it may be warm during the summer season. Up in the mountains, it can get quite chilly. The house is not heated, so bring some cosy and warm clothing with you.
  • If you decide to book a group room, you will sleep in your own sleeping bag.
  • The group rooms have pillows, sheets and woollen blankets, but do not forget your sleeping bag 😉


This blog is about a very special place, Berggasthaus Aescher was built for farmers, it is now a famous guesthouse & restaurant. We just love this place, it looks so iconic in pictures. You can reach the guesthouse by hiking for around 15-20 minutes. There is a possibility for a longer hike, which you can read about above.

There is a possibility to sleep in Berggasthaus Aescher. There are double rooms and group rooms. Wake up with the fabulous sunset while enjoying breakfast. This is definitely a unique precious moment which you won’t easily forget. We hope you will have a lovely visit or stay in Berggasthaus Aescher.

Ciao for now! 🙂


Maurits love affair with Switzerland started on his first visit to Switzerland and still continues today. He visits Switzerland often and enjoys writing about his discoveries and sharing his tips with fellow travellers.

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